Pink Salt Smoothie Cup 22oz

Pink Salt Smoothie Cup 22oz

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Our Smoothie Cup holds hot and cold drinks up to 22oz! Is there anything this cup can’t do? It includes both hot drink & cold drink lids and say goodbye to 'lid-checking' obsessivenessbecause our lid stays on. Our patented Reverse-Force™ Lids mean they stay on even with thermal expansion.

With ONE hot drink lid, ONE cold drink lid and your choice of straw all included, this cup has you covered. Oh, and it is non-slip, super comfy to hold and STUNNING in all colours!

What else you need to know:

  • Holds up to 22 ounces or 650 MLS
  • Borosilicate Glass is lighter & stronger than ordinary glass; while its fancy it still needs to be treated with care
  • Easily replace the glass insert if it ever breaks (always keep your silicone!)
  • Both Hot and Cold Drink Lids are included
    - Hot Lid for hot drinks with a small opening
    - Cold Lid for cool drinks, holds a straw
  • Smoothie Cup base & lids are interchangeable with our Middle Child
  • Fully enclosed, non-slip silicone base
  • Long black or tea drinker? You'll find the cup hot to carry initially
  • We're Australian and we designed it