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How Qiara helps mums and babies

  • Maintains and supports healthy pregnancy and maternal health
  • May help to relieve or reduce breast pain and discomfort associated with mastitis, and provide mastitis relief during breastfeeding
  • May reduce the recurrence of mastitis. Use at the first signs of mastitis [1][2]
  • Help restore good gut and breast milk flora during and after antibiotic use, important for C-section or GBS positive mums and their babies[3]
  • Improves healthy digestive system function, before, during and even after pregnancy
  • Maintains and supports gastrointestinal system health
  • Helps increase the growth of good bacteria
  • Maintains and supports immune system health
  • Maintains and supports healthy gastrointestinal immune function
  • Helps to stimulate a healthy immune system response


Seek medical advice if mastitis symptoms persist for more than 12 hours or you start to feel unwell.

Advise your doctor of any medicine you are taking during pregnancy, particularly in your first trimester.